Ancestors of John Walker


1. John Walker

1794: Born in Peacham, Vt. 20 Jun 1794

1819 MARRIAGE: 8 Apr 1819, Peacham, Vermont Md Lydia Holmes Letter from State of Vermont, Public Records Division, dated Sep 15, 1971 to Eldon Walker

1832: BAPTISM: John was baptized first in 1832, Archives Sheet lists 1 Apr 1834. In the Spring of 1832 when John joined the Church (LDS), his wife and family did not agree. He went to Stanstead Plains, Canada and helped with the Church there.

OCCUPATION: Carpenter and something of a machinist. In 1850 and 1860 Census of Utah he was listed as a farmer

1832 John went to work at Stanstead Plains, (Quebec) Canada where he had charge of a big manufacturing company putting in improved machinery. He returned in 1834

1834: Returned from Stanstead, the family left for Ogdensburg, New York where they found a small branch of the Church (Some of Brother Kimball's first converts.) During 1835 children who were 8 or upwards were baptized by Elder Abraham Palmer.

Ordained a High Priest (see descrepancies)

1838: In the Spring of 1838 the Walkers and 8 other families left Ogdensburg for western Missouri. The families were: Clydes, ?. When they arrived in Caldwell County, Missouri, they encountered mobs. They were surrounded by a mob of about 40 people with blackened faces. They hooted and yelled, and acted more like demons than human beings. They ordered Lydia out of the wagon in the deep snow, searched their wagons, took from them their arms and ammunition, pointed their guns at their children and cursed and swore in the most frightful manner. They continued their journey until they came to a settlement on Shoal Creek, five miles away from Haun's Mill. John went to meet with other brethern to work out what course they should take. Mobs came in and tried to massacre all but a few escaped. John was shot in the arm, he returned the shot but found it impossible to reload. He then ran down the bank of the creek, which afforded very little, if any, protection. He escaped by hiding in a hollow place behind a slab. The family left thinking him dead. It was two weeks before he was able to get back to his family.

He had been helping others who were worse off than himself, doing the best he could with his left hand. He had to hid from place to place, and came near losing his arm which had been neglected while he had been trying to help others. Through the aid of a young officer, who had been forced to join the military to save his own life, the family had been led to a friendly neighborhood where they found shelter from cold storms of winter. Later his son William found him and brought him back to the family.

Ordained a Seventy by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young (at Adams Co., Ill)

1839 They left early in 1839 and settled nine miles east of Quincy, Illinois Rented a farm, which was run by his sons, William and Lorin. He worked as a carpenter.

Affidavits from the LDS Historical Department - Mormon Redress Petitions - Documents of the 1833-1838 Missouri Conflict by Clark V. Johnson Vol 16, p. 371 WALKER, John
Illenois, Quincy May the 13 1839
A bill of Damages against the State of Mo in concequence of Being Drive from the State according to the Governors order
First for being (Struck through) mooving in to the State of Missouri$375.00
for mooving out of the State Loss of time &c. $125.00
Total 500.00
I do certify the above acount to Be true and Just acording to the Best of my knowledge
John Walker
I was allso wounded By the mob and my life threatened for which money will not satisfy me.
(Sworn to before C.M. Woods, C.C.C., Adams Co., Il, 13 May 1839).

?? Went on a mission through the middle states. The family was supported by the efforts of William and Lorin while he was on his mission. Returning home in the Spring of 1840.

1840: September, moved to Nauvoo. Worked as a carpenter, building, repairing etc.

Film No. 1,581,219 (Members of Nauvoo Ward (lst) lists: John Walker, Lydia Walker (dead), William, Lorin, Catharine, Lucy, Edwin, Henry, Jane, Lydia (Under 8), John Walker (Under 8) and Mary Walker (Under 8). Members of the Second Ward: Wesley Walker and Lovina Walker (Fourth Ward).

Moved to an island in the Mississippi River

1842: 18 Jan 1842 Lydia passed away.
1842 Census of Navuoo: John Walker and children, William, Lorin, Catharine, Lucy, was under 8, John W. and Mary b. 1840 in Iowa.

Records of Macedonia Ward, Illinois (1841-1842) John Walker, Edwin, Henry, Jane, and John Walker Jr. #1131 pt 148.

1843: Went on a mission to Eastern States. John seemed to give away under this heavy affliction. The Prophet, Joseph Smith, came to the rescue, he said, "If you remain here, Bro. Walker, you will soon follow your wife, you must have a change of climate, you have just such a family as I could love, my house shall be their house. I will adopt them as my own. For the present I would advise you to sell your effects, place your little ones with some kind friends and the four eldest shall come to my house and be received and treated as my own children. Shortly after father left, Lydia died of brain fever.

1845: May 1845, returned home from mission. During the fall and fore part of the winter, he worked repairing wagons, preparatory to moving to the west.

1846: Married Elizabeth Walmsley divorced in 1850. She married a third time.

Went to Council Bluffs. Appointed president of a Branch of the Church.

Temple Endowments: 20 Jan 1846. (Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register John Walker, high priest, b. 20 Jun 1794, Peacham, Caledonia, Vermont, W & A 20 Jan 1846, Endowment: 20 Jan 1846 Third Company p. 156.

1850: Came to Utah. Settled in Farmington, Utah.
1850 Census of Utah p. 4. John Walker age 56, b. Vermont, Caroline age 19, born Maine, Jane age 18 born Vermont, John age 14 born New York

1851: Married Caroline Luce 22 Feb 1851 in Salt Lake by Heber C. Kimball. She left him shortly after marriage and married a second and third time.

Married Abigail Sanford 4 Mar 1851 in Salt Lake City. She left him.

1869: Died 18 Oct 1869 at Farmington, Utah - Church Chronology 1869 p. 81: Mon, 18. October, John Walker, a survivor of the Haun's Mills massacre, died at Farmington, Davis Co., Utah. aged 74 years 3 months 29 days.

SEALINGS: Logan Temple Record Book - Sealings of Children to Parents Book A., P. 324 (GS Ser No. 24516 Pt 1.)

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Davis County High Priests quorum frame 15, line 15. 889,368 Item 2
Biography of John Walker, 4 pp of manuscript as spoken to Bishop J. W. Hess in possession of Rodney W. Walker 721 Hawthorne Ave. Salt Lake City.
Reminiscences of Latter-day Saints, Lyman O. Littlefield (1888) Pp 37-54.

!First record book of the Congregational Church in Peacham, Vermont "No.
238" John Walker...he became a Mormon."

Descrepancies: High Priest book of Davis County lists him as being ordained a High Priest in 1835 at Nauvoo. He was not in Nauvoo in 1835 and neither were the Saints. It is probably after 1840...

Ordained a seventy in 1838 by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, in Adams County, Ill. They were not there in 1838. They were in Missouri..

x!Family records and LDS archieves.

Ancestory and Descendents of John Walker by Rodney Walker & Noel C. Stevenson.

First Record Book of the Congregational Church in Peacham, Vermont "No. 238"
"John Walker . . . He became a Mormon".

Biography of John Walker, 4 pp of manuscript as spoken to Bishop J. W. Hess,
in poss of Rodney W. Walker 721 Hawthorne Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

Family group sheet in poss of John Walker Family Org.

1. Lydia Holmes

Peacham Vt., Town Records

Walker Family Records

MARRIAGE: People of Peacham: P. 155 Unidentified: Lydia Holmes md. Peacham 8 Apr 1819, John Walker sources: Q., VVR

DEATH: Nauvoo Illinois records: Lydia Holmes Walker died 18 Jan 1842, father:
William Holmes and Lydia Adams

Lydia was first baptized in 1834, baptized again 27 May 1964, and 27 May 1966

Family records and LDS archieves. Mayflower descendent records.

Ancestory and descendents of John Walker by Rodney Walker. MGS records.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 5 JAN 1998.

Family group sheet in poss of John Walker Family Org.

Seal to Parents: 19 Apr 1966 IFALL - Idaho Falls Idaho