Ancestors of John Walker


32. Zechariah Or Zachary Or Zacharias Walker (Rev.)

Arizona temple record book, sealing of children to parents, book 80, GS Ser No. 23069, Pt 14

BIRTH & CHRISTENING: Boston Vital Records b: Zachary son of Robert b. 15 Sep 1637, chr. 1 Oct 1637 Zacharias son of Robert Walker Also: Records of Boston P. 39: Zachary the sonne of Robt Walker & ---his wife borne the 15 (7) 1637

Archives, Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah

Families of Old Fairfield County, Connecticut, Donald L. Jacobus, Vol 1 Pt 2 p. 637-8 (GS Call No. 974.69/F1 D2J

The American Genealogist, Donald L. Jacobus, Editor, Vol 21 p. 67-68 call No. 973 B2AG.

Family group record in archives, Zachariah born Milford, New Haven, Conn. sealed to husband, 23 Jan 1954 in Logan. (Sheet of Celia W. Meacham) also lists Mary as a child. The Walker sheet does not.... which is correct.....

Colonial Clergy of the Middle Colonies. 974 D3we P. 339 Zachariah Walker, b. Boston, 15 Sep 1637, son of Robert and Sarah Walker; Bapt. Boston 1st Church 1 Oct 1637; H.C., 1653-1655, non-grad., sett. Jamaica, L.I., N.Y., 1662-1668, Ord. Woodbury, Conn., 2nd Chh. in Stratford, 5 May 1670, as the first minister; sett. Woodbury Conn., 1668-1700; Cong.: d. Woodbury, Conn., 20 Jan 1699/1700 (Write up very similar in the book, Early Ministers p. 213)

New England Marriages prior to 1700 p. 775: Walker, Zachariah (1637-1700) 7 Mary (Pruddens) (1641-bef Nov 1681); b. 1670, b. 1668 aft 1687; Fairfield/Stratford, Ct/Woodbury Ct. Also: & 2 w/f Sussannah Rossiter? (1652-1710); b. 4 Jul 1675

Cowles family in America p. 235: Rev. Zechariah Walker b. 1637 in Boston, Mass, was a Presbyterian Clergyman in Jamaica, L. I., from 1663 to 1668; was ordained pastor over the Second Church in Stratford, Conn. 5 May 1670; removed his family to Woodbury, June 27, 1678, and was the first pastor of the Church there.

From John Walker Family Newsletter: 1995 No. 2 : Reverand Zechariah Walker:
Son of Robert and Sarah (Leager) Walker, was born 15 Sep 1637 and christened 1 Oct 1637 at Boston, Massachusetts. He was a "debtor" (student) at Harvard College from 1653 to 1655 and was one of 17 students who left the college, probably in protest against lengthening of the course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts from 3 to 4 yearss. in 1662 he was chosen to serve as the first minister of the newly-organized church at Jamaica, Long Island. He may have had to preach at first in the ordinary, or inn kept by John Baylie in Jamaica. On 14 Feb 1662/3, Mr. Walker's salary was fixed at 60 pounds sterling a year, but since money was scarce, most of the salary was paid in wheat at 6s. a bushel and indian corn at 3s.6d. a bushel. The town of Jamaica built the first meeting house, 26 feet square, in 1663 and there Mr. Walker preached till he left Jamaica in 1668. He was "a man of solid attainments, well educated and sound in doctrine, a pungent and powerful preacher and greatly well loved by the people he served." On 7 Aug 1668 he left Jamaica and became the pastor of the Second Church at Stratford, Conn. He was ordained minister of that church 5 May 1670. He removed to Woodbury with the first settlers of that town and became the first minister there, and remained there till his death which occured on 20 Jan 1699/1700 and he was buried there. (The American Genealogist Vol21 p.67)

In Connecticut about 1669 he married first Mary Prudden, daughter of Rev. Peter Prudden and Joanna (Boyse) Prudden. Mary was christened 4 Dec 1641 at
Milford, Connecticut and died before 1681.
He married secondly Susanna Rossiter. She was the daughter of Bryan and Elizabeth (Alsop) Roositer and was born 18 Nov 1652 at Guilford, Connecicut. He died 26 Apr 1710 at Woodbury, Conn. Three Children were born to Zechariah and his first wife Mary.

33. Mary Prudden

Family group sheet from John Walker Family Organization also family group

record of Celia W. Meacham which lists endowment as 1 Jun 1933

Baptism is recorded as 11 Oct 1932

Families of Old Fairfield County, Conn. Donald L. Jacobus vol 1 Pt 2 p.494-495 (974.69f1d2J)

The American Genealogist, Donald L. Jacobus, Editor Vol 16 p. 25 973B2ag

Child was sealed to parents 10 Nov 1960AZ

34. John Miner Captain

Family group sheet submitted by John Walker Family Organization

Families of Old Fairfield, Conn by Donald L. Jacobus, p. 412

Arizona Temple record on sealing of children to parents, book 80, 23069 pt. 14

Miner Family by Lillian Lounsberry Miner Selleck (1926) p. 5 l. John, bapt at
Charlestown, Mass, 30 Aug 1635, d. at Woodbury, Conn 17 Sept. 1719; m. at
Stratford, 19 Oct 1658 (21 Oct by his father's Diary), Elizabeth Booth, b. at
Stratford, 10 Sept. 1641, d. at Woodbury, 24 Oct 1732. He settled in
Stratford, Conn., removing to Woodbury about 1682. He served as Deputy for
Stratford, Oct 1676, and for Woodbury, Nov 1683. May and Oct 1684, May and
Oct. 1685, May and Oct. 1686, May and June 1687, May 1689, May 1692, Oct 1695,
May 1696, May 1697, Oct. 1698, May 1703, Oct 1705, May and Dec 1707, May and
Oct 1708, May and June 1709, and May 1710. He was appointed Captain of the
Woodbury Train Band, May 1684; Commissioner (Justice) for Woodbury, 1679 to
1687, 1689 to 1697; and a Justice for Fairfield County from 1698 until his
death in 1719.

Genealogy of Branches of Families of Miner, Waters, O'Hare and Thies by Lulu
Irene Waters Hare. John Minor (1st son of Thomas and Grace Palmer Minor). b.
8/30/1635, Charlestown, Mass. d 9/17/1719, Woodbury, Conn.

John Minor was born in Massachusetts but settled in Stratford, Conn early in
life. In Stratford he was Deacon, interpreter to the Indians, and for many
years town clerk. About 1682 he moved to Woodbury where he became one of the
founders of that settlement. He was chosen Captain of the Woodbury Train Band,
May 1684; Commissioner for Woodbury 1679 to 1687 and 1689 to 1697, and a
Justice for Fairfield County from 1698 until his death in 1719. He was Town
Clerk for 30 years and member of the General Court for 20 years. M.
10/19/1658, Stratford, Conn, to Elizabeth Booth, b. 9/10/1641, Stratford, Conn
d. 10/24/1732, Woodbury, Conn. Daughter of Richard Booth b. 1607, died after
1688, and Elizabeth Hawley Booth). Children: John, 1659, Thomas 1662, Hannah,
1664, Elizabeth 1667/8, Grace 1670, Joseph 1672/3, Ephriam 1675, Sarah 1678,
Abigail 1680/1, Joanna 1683. (Grace Minor, daughter of John and Elizabeth
Booth Minor) married Samuel Grant (Son of Matthew Grant). Grace and Samuel Grant
became ancestors of Ulysses S. Grant.

Temple Index Bureau: Manti, No. 12884 Book A. P. 373, Miner, John b. 30 Aug
1635 at Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass. heir: Don C. Miner, Rel., baptized 19 Feb
1889, endowment 28 Feb 1889. Also: Manti No. 12541 Book A P. 363, Miner, John
b. 3 Jun 1635 at Stratford, Conn., died 17 Sep 1719, Father: Thomas Miner,
Mother: Grace Palmer, md 19 Oct 1658 to Elizabeth Booth, heir: A. L. Miner,
Friend, baptized 19 Feb 1889, endowment 22 Feb 1889 sld to Wife: 24 Jan 1894,
sld to parents 31 Jan 1945.

IGI (1988) Minor, John son of Thomas Miner and Grace Palmer b. 1635 baptized 21
Mar 1980SL, endowment 26 Jun 1980SL sld to parents 29 Sep 1980SL

Descendants of John Miner: The Eldest son of Thomas and Grace was baptized 30
Aug 1635 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and came to Nameaug with his father in
1646. He was a man of good talents: was in part educated by the Colony as a
missionary and interpreter for the Indians in the many troubles and treaties
with them. In the year 1658 he moved to Stratford where he married and raised
a large family. He served ten years as Town Clerk and was a leading man in
the community. A difference of religious opinions arising in the Church of
which he was one of the deacons, he, with a number of others requested the
General Court to grant them a tract of land where they might locate a new
settlement. This was granted and they started to view "The promised land"!
Mistaking their way, they reached the hill country in the north part of the
State and not finding it what they wished, theybecame discouraged and began to
retrace their way by another route. In their journeying, they accidently came
upon an eminence which overlooked the very spot for which they were searching.
The valley where Woodbury now stands. The sight so pleased them after their
fatiguing journey that Deacon John knelt down to return thanks to God, and in
his prayer made a request that not a generation of his might live without being
blessed with a deacon in the family. This company moved their families to the
new settlement where they were joined by many others. Thus was commenced the
settlement of the present town of Woodbury where a great many of the Miner
descendants still reside. John was Town Clerk of Woodbury for about thirty
years and its representative in the General Court for a period of about twenty
years. William T. Minor, once Governor of the State of Connecticut, descended
from this branch of the family. This John had left home and established his
mode of spelling previious to the time his father received the copy of the
grant of the name from England. Captain John, born probably in Charlestown,
Mass. 1634, son of Thomas, and Grace Palmer, married Elizabeth Booth, daughter
of Richard Booth of Stratford, Conn. 19 Oct 1658; died at Woodbury 17 Sep
1719. She died 24 Oct 1732, aged 98.

Family group sheet submitted by Glenna Olson, Bellflower, Ca

Also a sealing to spouse on 14 Feb 1938AZ

35. Elizabeth Booth

Family group sheet submitted by John Walker Family Organization and family
group sheet submitted by Eva Tyler, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Family group sheet in Archives, states died at age 98.
One family group says bapt 2 Jan another 24 Jan 1894. Which is correct?
One family group says born 10 Sep another says 12 Sep. Which is correct?
Family group sheet submitted by Glenna Olson, Bellflower, CA Baptism is 2 Jan

36. John Judson

Family group sheet submitted by John Walker Family Organization

The American Genealogist Vol 21, p. 269, Donald L. Jacobus 973B2ag

History of Ancient Woodbury, Conn. Vol 1, p. 588, 589, William Cothren

History of Stratford, Conn. Vol 2, P. 1229 (1886) Rev. Samuel Orcutt, 974.69H20

Notes on the Judson Family: John Judson, first of Stratford, Conn., afterwards
of Woodbury, in the same state, was thrice married. 1. to Elizabeth (or Eliza)
Chapman, daughter of ______ Chapman, of Stamford, Conn., March 12, 1673. She
died ______. 2. to Hannah _______. She died Jul 23, 1698. 3. to Mary Orton
of Farmington, in the same state July 5, 1699. Mr. John Judson died January
12, 1709 aged 62.

37. Elizabeth Chapman

Family group sheet submitted by John Walker Family Organization
She does not appear on a family group sheet as a child in the archives.

38. James Beers (Jr.)

Family group sheet submitted by Mary Maud M. Cook, Safford, Az & John Walker
Family Organization

History of Fairfield, Connecticut by Eliza Hubbell Schenck Vol 1 p. 353

Dictionary of American Genealogy by Savage Vol 1

History and Genealogy of Old Fairfield

TIB: Salt Lake Temple: No. 7695 book 4P p. 358. Beers, James b. abt 1656 at
Fairfield, Fairfield, Conn. died 1691 father: James Beers (Bere) mother:
Martha Barlow. md to Miss Osborn. instance of William ? rel: ? baptized 29 Nov
1921, endowment 25 Feb 1932.

55. Miss Osborn

Family group sheet submitted by Mary Maud M. Cook, Safford, Az

History of Fairfield, Connecticut by Eliza Hubbell Schenck Vol 1 p. 353

Dictionary of American Genealogy by Savage Vol 1

History and Genealogy of Old Fairfield

TIB: Salt Lake Temple: No. 26765 book 4E p. 1147. Osborn, Miss b. abt 1659
Fairfield, Fairfield, Conn. father: Richard Osborn md to James Beers instance
of: William Beers, (D) rel 7cil, baptized 3 Jun 1930, endowment 12 Dec 1930