Descendants of John Walker


206. Genevieve Walker Hunter

Theodore and Genevieve were divorced in 1943.

208. Alfred Walker Hunter (Twin)

BIRTH: State of Idaho - Lewisville Ward Records film #007,240 21
Jan 1906
Ordinations: Deacon 27 Dec 1920
Teacher 17 Dec 1923
Seventy 3 Sep 1927 by Rulon S. Wells
High Priest 17 Nov 1957 by Willard Dye

Frances Vilate Barnes

BIRTH: State of Idaho

Seal to Parents: BIC

1047. George Elwood Walker

No children were born to George and Ruth.

Jenny Lenora Kinghorn

Seal to Parents: 18 Dec 1957

1052. Gwendolyn Walker

No children were born to Constantine and Gwendolyn.

George Raymond Adams

Seal to Parents: BIC

217. Elizabeth Walker

Lloyd Franklin Stephenson and Elizabeth Walker divorced 18 Dec 1925.
Roy Campbell and Elizabeth were divorced in the last part of 1928.
No children
No children by her third marriage.

Stephen Edwin Bunnell

Seal to Parents: BIC