Descendants of John Walker


Carlton Theodore Nelson

Carlton had two children by his first wife,Ida Elizabeth Hendrickson.

Albert Allen

No issue by his marriage to Laura Jane Walker

252. Eunice Walker

No issue by Eunice's second marriage to Henry F. Reimann.

1212. Rohr Paul Short


Henry Ferdnand Reimann

Pineview Cemetery

Hugh C Chambers

BIRT PLAC Sublett Or Shirley Ck., Cassia, ID

Harvey Earl Bate

Biographical sketch read by Sheila Perez, grandaughter of Harvey Earl Bate at funeral service held Nov. 17, 1997 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

"In idaho Falls, on November 17, 1920, Earl P. Bate and Ethel Ruth Walker Bate had a baby boy born to them. They named him Harvey Earl. He was the second child born to this family. He arrived with extra fingers and toes and wriggled in a[t] 11 pounds. When he was two weeks old, they had his extra fingers removed. He carried the scars all of his life. They had a hard time trying to find shoes wide enough for him. Buster Brown shoes were the only brand he could wear.

He and his golks moved around a lot by wagon. They lived in Idaho Falls, Coeur d'Alene and from there went to Canada for five years, where Garvey gained two more sisters, Doris and Bessie. In all he had four sisters, Rula and Alice. He went to school in Hixon Creek, Canada. Their lives were hard and Harvey's mother was a little woman and knew a lot of sickness.

When they moved back to the states, they lived in Fort hall and that was when Harvey met nellie at his girlfriends's birthday party. Nellie started writing to Harvey when his girlfirend wrote and then Harvey asked Nellie to go out with him. They were married on October 2, 1939 at Blackfoot, Idaho. They were the first couple married by Bishop Loveland.

They lived in a home-made trailer house while Harvey helped his father farm on one of the Indian farams. In the witner, he worked in the potato cellars for $.25 an hour. They paid for a bed, chest of drawers and table and chairs out of his paycheck and they had $5.00 for groceries. At that time, they filled the shopping cart full.

In the fall of 1941, they moved their traler house to Idaho Falls to live in Nellie's follks' place. It was while lilving here that harvey startaed driving truck. He went to work for Stan Pack hauling coal in Nevada. When he came home, he had pneumonia and was put in the hospital for 6 weeks. He went to work at the stock yards and walked there. One day a acow threw him over the fence and he had problems for a while trying to get his strength back. He even went sheep shearaing with Mr. Empey. He put the wool in the bags.. They lived in a tent and slept on the ground. Harvey was fed in the cook shack. Grandmother and Peggy Empey had to cook their meals in their tents.

When they came home, Grandpa went to work for Glen Pickett, driving truck. They hauled hay and different things including delivering pop to Salmon. Grandma had to keep the books about how mch pop they left and how many empty bottles came back. They slept on top of those pop bottles. They stayed in Glen Pickett's home and took care of Pickett's children and the phone calls.

World War II staarted and harvey was drafted into the Army when their oldest son was just two weeks old. He fought in New Guinea and on Leyte. While on Leyte, there were 180 men sent up on a hill. Only 18 of the men came back. Grandpa was one. He had jungle ulcers and hook worm. he was ent to a French hospital in New Caledonia. Then they sent him back to the states and he was released in Fort Collins, Colorado. He came home and went back to work for Glen Pickett. He worked there and then Pickett joined Don nelson and they built highways and streets. He was one hwo hauled the heavy equipment. He could load and unload all of the things he hauled. His hands were always busy doing for people. He helped his brother with a lot of overhauling, pickups and things.

When a three day vacation came, Grandpa would come and say let's go for a ride. Grandma would pack a grub box, takethe bedding from the beds and they would take off with the children and all the kids. One time thy went through every entry into Yellowstone Park. Grandma and Grandpa startaed square dancing. Grandma got him to go to the first lesson by telliing him that Glen Scott and Betty wanted to meet them at a certain place. And he got hooked. They danced for 15 years, sometimes four times a week. They hired a babysitter and it was agreed that if they were called to fill in when new people were learning to square dance, the baby sitter would come. If she couldn't do it, she had another girl who could do it. If they went out of time to dance, the children and pets went with them. They learned round dances also. Grandma made their shirts and dresses for it. Grandpa said he enjoyed all the dancing.

He worked for Pickett and Nelson for 22 years before they sold out, then he went to work for the City of Idaho Falls for 14 months. Then he couldn't take it as he could see things to be done and they told him to leave it for one of the other men.

He went to work for Rex Meikle who owned Teton Crane. He worked for them for 18 years. When Rex quit and turned ito over to his children, he retired and took a trip to Canada. He thn came back and went to work for Rob Collins for 8 years. He didn't really retire until he lost his right arm to cancer. Before he passed away he said he was glad he wasn't driving truck any more. He wouldn't go back even if he was give a brand new one of his own. He'd sell it and do something else with the money. He said he didn't miss it one bit.

He is survived by three children, Terry Max Bate, Lorin Paul Bate, and Jennie R. Betts, Sist Dorris McGuire of Port Orchard, Washington, Bessie Luris of Shelly, Idaho and Brother, Ronald O. Bate of Idaho Falls, Idaho.
9 grand and 9 great grand children.

I remember my Dad use to gve me and my brothers a ride to school in his semi truck all through the winter. Dad would pull us behind the car on our sleds. I remember my brother drove his car to the sand dunes's. Dad went down to the sand dunes and saw the tire tracks. He came home and said Terry was over at the sand dunes. He was grounded. If someone was throwing snowballs at dad he chase them down. Dad said you are not too big for a spanking. If you can out run me to thehill, you can get out of the spanking. But none of us ever did.

My dad was a practical joker. Dad always spent time with us kids. We went fishing one time. Dad put a fish on my hook and I thought I caught it. We wentthrough West Yellowstone and dad was going to take a picture of the bear. It came down and swat the wheel.

Dad and Mom was a square dancer. Dad was a very good father and I love him very much, even if I was a Hellian. Thank God Dad took care of us.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What I remember about my grandfather!

Giving me a ride araound the house and yard in a wheelbarrow.

Grandpa bought this motorcycle that was way too small for him at a graage sale. Me and grandpa were riding this motrcycle down the street and his knees were up to the handlebars, it was funny cause he didn't know how to shift the gears.

I rember gradfathers garage full of tools and how it smelled like grease. I rember how we used to play with his hair. what hair he had. I used to put it in a pony tail and top of his head.

I also rember how grandpa used to fall asleep in his chair how he used to snore.

I remember how grandpa loved his wood pile and how he used to keep building it up, more and more and more!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I remember about my grandfather.

I remember how grandpa and I use to go outside and pick strawberries and we would eat more than we would bring into Grandma. How I use to play with his shor hair and make it stand up on end. How he use to wheel us around the yard in his wheelbarrow. How he loved his wood pile. How he would always fall asleep watching T.V. and we would tease him about it, but he used to tell us he wasn't sleeping, he was resting his eyes. How he used to sit at the table and have his legs crossed. How I used to go out to the garage and watch gradpa work, or how gradpa use to stand at the brick wall and watch me swing at my friends, andjoke with me. I remember a lot of good times with my grandfather and I will never forget them!!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grandpa was and always will be a avery special person to all of us. This is great honor to be ble to speak to all of you. I have so many wonderul memories of him. I have to admit my best memories of my grandfather have been in the last couple of years. I had the honor of spending last couple of Christmases with him. He welcomed my husband & children into his heart and for that I am very greatful. May you rest in peace and know that you will always be in my heart.

1224. Sadie Rae Chambers

Sadie, daughter of Coral Walker and her first husband Hugh Chambers
and was sealed to Coral Walker and her fourth husband Louis Hansen.

1232. Marlene Dee Mead

No children by Joseph Rex Johnson and Marlene.
No issue in Marlene's fourth marriage.

Jesse Boyd Smith

The sealing between Jesse Boyd Smith and Ethel Waugh was cancelled
3 Aug 1948.

1235. Olga Maxine Smith

This child Olga Maxine Smith was sealed to William Joseph Waugh on
8 Dec 1949 when mother Ethel Walker was sealed to her second husband
William Joseph Waugh.

256. Lois Howell Walker

Lois had no children by her second marriage.

Hans Kissler

Birth may also be 1902

Rohr Paul Short


Wilfred John Burch

BIRT PLAC <Warm River Fremont Id>

1251. Constance Aloha Walker

Conatance illegal birth cert. under name of Constance Walker.

1253. William Conrad Evenson

William probably had four children by his wife Marvella.

Alfred Homer Harris

Alfred HomerHarris and Beryl Blanche Walker were married for time
25 June 1982
in the Idaho Falls Temple.

Alfred HomerHarris and Beryl Blanche Walker were married for time
25 June 1982
in the Idaho Falls Temple.