By W. F. Halsall - Tappan, Eva March. An Elementary History of Our Country. New york: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1914., Public Domain,

The Walker Family is a great American Family. We arrived in the new world in 1630 as Robert Walker and Sarah Leager, who came from England to Boston via the Winthrop Fleet of 1630.  We believe this line to be the first family with the  Walker surname in the New World. This is a family of Patriots and Pioneers and we are growing larger each year. Due to the sheer number of related Walker descendants, our primary research is focused on our English ancestors and the first 3 generations of John & Lydia Walker.

Of necessity, Family History has a beginning point and our beginning starts with John Walker, born on 20 June 1794, in Peacham, VT. He lived there until his conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in 1832. The family migrated to Western Missouri in the Spring of 1838, but did not stay long due to the political unrest present upon their arrival in October of 1838. The family settled for a time in Nauvoo, Illinois then ultimately journeyed West in company with the Mormon Pioneers. 

There are a substantial number of resources documenting this family over the next few generations, including a landmark work by Rodney Wilson Walker and Noel C. Stevenson titled Ancestry & Descendants of John Walker, published in 1985. This attempt to record all descendants ended in the year 2000 and is published on this site for those no longer living. Living relatives names are not published for privacy reasons. Should you have a research requirement to establish recent relationships with living descendants, please contact us and we will consider your request. 

To John and Lydia Holmes Walker we owe a great deal. We honor them and dedicate this site to them and their posterity.

The ancestors of John Walker are sufficiently documented for six generations, back to the aforementioned Robert Walker. Records beyond that point are not reliable, though many possibilities exist. If you have additional information on this line, please let us know. Proven Walker ancestors in this family line (in order of descent) include:

Ancestor  Birth Place  Death Place
Robert Walker 1607 Manchester, Lancashire, England 29 May 1687 Boston, MA 
Rev. Zechariah Walker 15 Sep 1637 Boston, MA 20 Jan 1700  Woodbury, CT
Deacon Zechariah Walker  22 May 1670 Stratford (Woodbury), CT 21 Dec 1753 Woodbury, CT
Captain Timothy Walker 18 Jun 1693 Woodbury, CT 15 Jun 1786 Woodbury, CT
Joseph Walker 13 Feb 1730  Woodbury, CT 28 Nov 1819 Peacham, VT
Simeon Walker 11 Jan 1756 Woodbury, CT 20 Dec 1834 Peacham, VT
John Walker 20 Jun 1794 Peacham, VT 18 Oct 1869 Farmington, UT

John Walker married Lydia Holmes, and later three other women. He fathered 14 children, of which a very large number were early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). This site contains information of interest to his descendants and his Ancestors.


An undertaking of this nature of necessity requires many volunteers, none of whom seek for recognition for their contributions. We nontheless gratefully acknowledge their efforts. In order to protect their privacy, we do not publish email addresses here. Please use our forms based Contact Us link.