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New England Marriages prior to 1700 p. 775: Walker, Robert (1606-1687) s(ae ca 72 in 1679s) (see John Walker md ca 1667) & ____ (wf Sarah Leager? 1636+)(-1695); b. 1636, Manchester, Engl. b. 1623; Boston

Notes from John Walker Newsletter dated 1992 No. 1: Facts on Robert Walker: Born in 1601 (not CA 1607 as had been thought before) Came from Manchester, Lancashire, England, (though his birthplace has not been confirmed) to Massachusetts with his wife Sarah and other Puritans in the John Winthrop Fleet in 1630.

Settled in Shawmut (now Boston) by 1631 with his wife, Sarah, and some other Puritans.

Joined the First Church in 1632, became a freeman on 14 May 1634. Was one of 28 founders of the New Third Church Known as the Old South Church at Boston in 1669.

Owned a house and garden bounded on the North by Boston Common (southwest corner of Boylston Street and Tremont Street.)

Robert Walker died 29 May 1687 in Boston.

As cited from the Diary of Samuel Sewall: "Friday May 27, between 5. and 6. Father Walker is taken with a lethargy as was shutting his shop to goe to their privat Meeting; His left side was chiefly struck with a kind of Palsy: His speech came to him something between 6. and 7. He told me there was plenty of Lavender in the Town where he was prentice...May 29th, Sabbath. Dame Walker desire me to pray with her Husband...Between 12. and one Robert Walker dies, about a quarter after twelve. He was a very good Man and conversant among God's New England People from Beginning. About one, several great guns were fired.

Tuesday, Maij Ult (31) Goodm. Walker is buried...."

Robert Walker has been mentioned as an acquaintance of Sewall's grandfather in Manchester, Lanc.,

Also, in Boston a search for missing information about Robert Walker a co-founder of the Old South Church was very productive. And most interesting, the pews of Mary and John Winslow and that of Robert and Sarah Walker were just a few feet apart. What is more interesting is that those two families were rubbing elbows with each other and never dreamed that their posterity in 1992 would consider these events in awe and veneration.

From: The Crooked and Narrow Streets of Boston" indicated Robert Walker in

the Index. Page eight. There it was Robert Walker came to New England in 1630. He was listed as a passenger with the John Winthrop Fleet. Name Robert Walker, Wife: Sarah, from Manchester, Lancashire, England.

From the "Planters of the Commonwealth" on page 95: Robert Walker, wife, Sarah from Manchester, England. Linen Weaver, b. 1601 deposed 1679 age 78 years.

Member of Church. No. 131 (Sewall). Freeman 19 May 1634 (M. C. R., I, 369). died 29 May 1687.

Note: There is a Thomas Walker, of High Ardwicke (lynnen webster) died 26 Feb 1611 in the Register of the Cathedral Church of Manchester p. 397 (I do not believe this is the father of Robert, there is a Robert being born there on the 21 Feb 1607).


TAG Vol XIX #4 p. 195

Member of Church 1631/1632

Freeman 14 May 1634

Cowkeeper 1638

Aged 72 in Deposition on 10 Apr 1679

Died 29 May 1687

Buried 31 May 1687

12 Children

Ltr adm to Widow 17 Aug 1687

Robert Walker Overseer of Jacob Leagers Will

From: Earliest Records of Boston 1634-1669 (974.46/B1 H26: Tenants at Boston Neck: Robert Walker 43:a, Muddy River Robert Walker 19:6; 20:C also: P. 11 Robert Walker grant of a garden p. 43.

From Book: 947.46/B1 Vol 5. Mr. Drake speaks of the deposition in 1684 of John Odlin, and Robert Walker

Vol 11, Suffolk Deeds: Lib. 24 Fol 106: The deposition of John Odlin age abt 82, Robert Walker abt 78.

From book: 974.46/B1 E4s: Town Officials: Offical cowkeeper - Robert Walker 1639, Clerk of the market - 1663, Tithingman -1676.

974.4 P2rc - Record of the assistants 1630-1692. Rich. Lambert, hath forfieted his abnd of X1 wch. bound him to appeal att the court and it is ordered that Benj. Gilham and Robte Walker shall have a V2 allowed them being witnesses. summoned to appeare.

974.4N25 Freemen of the Colony - P. 369 May 14, 1634 Freemen made at the Genall Hall - Robert Walker


Note: Testiment for Henry Sewall 10 Apr 1679: Age 72 and had lived with father at Manchester about 56 years before (Making it 1623) If he was living with his father, his father died according to Walker Family in 1611.) How could he be living with him in 1623 if he died in 1611?

From the book: 974.46/B1 B56. Boston Society Publication Vol 3. P. 89 The great street of Roxbury Gate "1630-1830" A paper read before the society of 8 May 1906 by Walter Kendall Watkins. This part describes who lived where in the early days. "Boyleston Street was but a lane leading to a field near Colbron's. On the lane, next to the Belcher, was the house and garden of Robert Walker, a linen webster, who came from Manchester, England, where he and his father wer "overthwart' neighbors of Henry Sweall and his son Henry of Newbury, Mass., who had come to Manchester from Coventry, England. Walker though a linen weaver, was also shopkeeper, and cowkeeper of the cows, which pastured in the rear of his house, on the commons.

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