For many years,  the John Walker Family Organization had the most accurate genealogical record available, thanks in large measure to the 50+ year effort by Rodney Wilson Walker. However the website Family Search has far surpassed us in this effort. We recommend Family Search as the place to go for your personal genealogy and updates. Due to privacy and practical reasons, we of necessity limit the publication of our internal database.

If you have information not found on this site for the ancestors of John Walker or his descendants through four (4) generations we would love to hear from you. Of special interest are photos or historical documents.

Below are GEDCOM files for viewing online. Due to the way we generate our Web pages, it is necessary to break the file into two major sections:

AncestorsAncestors: This is the Pedigree of John Walker showing the parents of each preceding Walker ancestor. Our earliest Ancestor that is proven is Robert Walker b. 1607 in Manchester England. Up to that point sources are well documented. Before that time there is still uncertainty. Please contact us if you have any information about evidence of earlier Walker ancestors, including any information about Thomas Walker b. 1570 of Manchester England, or Margaret Bardsley b. 1579 of Manchester, England; they are believed to be Robert Walker's parents.


DescendantsDescendants: This is a directory of all known descendants of John Walker, that are no longer living or calculated to be older than 110 years of age. We do not intentionally publish information about living persons on our family website. Inasmuch as there are descendants that stem from plural marriages, this list is quite large, albiet somewhat incomplete. Please contact us if you would like your family information included.

We are aware that descendent information is not evenly distributed among the children of John & Lydia Walker. Those more directly related to descendants who are active members in the LDS church tend to have more extensive records. We are keenly interested in every descendant from any family brankc. Please contact us if you have information that we don't.

The Original Walker Family based upon our current thinking (not proven) and DNA evidence.

Parents Children Birth Place Death Place Spouse

Thomas Walker


b. 1570

Manchester, UK

d. 26 Feb 1612 

Manchester, UK 


Margaret Bardsley







  Thomas b. 19 Apr 1601 Manchester, UK d. ?    Elizabeth Leache 



b. Abt 1603

Manchester, UK

d. 22 May 1604

Manchester, UK 




b. Abt 1604

Manchester, UK

d. unknown





b. 23 Nov 1606

Manchester, UK 

d. 17 Apr 1608





b. 1607

Manchester, U

d. 26 May 1687

Boston, MA

Sarah Leager