John Walker claim against State of Missouri

After the Saints were driven from Missouri, they filed claims and petitions for redress against their losses with the Congress of the United States. John Walker was among those who filed a claim.
I thought family members would find this an interesting artifact. Best Regards, Howard Bangerter
P>[John makes a claim on the losses he suffered in his brief stay in Missouri, and also affirms that he was wounded (at Haun's Mill); the text of his petition, including the original spelling, is included below. Source: Mormon Redress Petitions, Documents of the 1833-1838 Missouri Conflict, Edited by Clark V. Johnson, Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah,Copyright � 1992 by Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, Distributed by, BOOKCRAFT, INC., Salt Lake City, Utah. Explanations of the text in brackets "[]". ]

 [p. 371] Illenois Quncy May th 13 1839 [p.372] a bill of Damages a gainst the State of Mo in concequence of Being Drive from th State a cording to the Governors order first for ["Being" crossed out] Being mooving in to the State of Missouri $375.00 for mooving out of the State Loss of time &c 125.00 [$490.00 crossed out] $490.00 $500.00 I Do certify the a bove a count to Be true and Just a cording to the Best of my Knowledge John Walker I was also wounded By the mob and my life threatend for which money will Not Satisfy me [Sworn to before C. M. Woods, C.C.C., Adams Co., IL, 13 May 1839.]