John Walker Was born in the Town of Peacham, Co. of Caledonia Vermont, In the Year 1794. His Father was Simeon, his Mother Mary.

Brother Walker,I lay my hands upon thy head in the Name of Jesus Christ, of Nazareth. And I seal upon thy head a Fathers blessing. Thy name is registered in heaven. And thou hast been born of the Water, and of the Spirit, into the Kingdom of thy Saviour. And if thou are faithful to keep thy Covenenants with God, thy mind shall become stored with light and intelligence. The blessing of the everlasting Priesthood shall guide thy steps in peace. Thy administrations shall be crowned with blessings from on high. Thy labors, and thy mission that now lies before thee, shall be crowned with success, because it is the desire of thy heart to forsake all for thy Redeemer. The Spirit of Truth shall bring to thy remembrance the things of Christ’s Kingdom. And if thou art faithful in prayer, thy toungue shall be loosed, and thy words shall be communicated in wisdom and in the demonstration of the spirit of truth, so that thy gainsayers shall have no power over thee. The honest in heart shall be convincenced by thee of the new and everlasting Covenant. The blessings of health shall invigorate thy system in all thy journeyings, and if thou truly desires it and earnestly plead with thy God, many of thy kindred’s friends will be given to the, in the new and everlasting covenant, and they shall become stars in thy Crown, when thy Saviour shall come to make up his Jewels. If thou wilt hearken to the voice of the spirit, wisdom shall be given to thee and thou shoult live to see the return of that long dispersed people, for thy descent is from Jacob, and thou shalt be numbered with the “Hundred and Forty Four Thousand”. Thy blessing is to labor in the Quorum of the Seventies. The blessings of the heavens and the earth Shall be sealed upon thy head. And thy companion and Children shall receive equal blessings with thee. For thine inheritance shall be in Zion, and there thou shalt sit Under thine own vine and fruit tree with thy posterity, where there shall be none to molest thee or make thee afraid. Thou mayest have the blessing to labor upon the different Islands of the Sea, and to call home thy thousands to Zion to rest. And thou shalt have the blessing to see the rich humbled, the poor exalted, to see thy store filled, and thy graneries crowned with plenty. And thou shalt yet cause the sons of Jacob to rejoice, because it shall be the delight of thy heart to feed and clothe them. Thy blessing shall be extended to thy children and thy childrens children. They shall honor thee, and bless thee as their father. The redemption of Zion shall be made shure unto thee, notwithstanding thou hast been driven from the land of thine inheritance, thou shalt be permitted to return with songs of everlasting joy. And when thy Saviour shall come, thou shall be caught up to receive thine inheritance. Thou shalt see the promised blessings fulfilled to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and thou shalt rejoice in their society and I seal thy fathers blessing upon thee in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen and amen.

Given under the hands of Isaac Morley
7th Aug 1839

Type: The Patriarchal Blessing of John Walker, hand written, transcribed from the original

Date: August 7, 1839 – possibly 1834, the original is not clear. But most likely 1839.

Where: Yelrom, Illinois (not verified)

Source: Isaaic Morley, Patriarch - Original Image here


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